How to Execute Account-Based Marketing In 2020


With each new year comes the opportunity for reinvention. What’s past is prologue, after all: now’s the time to achieve something new and take your business to the next level. You could do something simple like reshuffle your office, invest in a new logo, or pick a new slogan — or you could do something more consequential like step up your marketing efforts.

Curate the Most Relevant Accounts

To maximize the quality and quantity of your marketing campaigns, you need to start by establishing a strong pipeline of curated prospects. UnboundB2B can do the bulk of the work for you, drawing from a huge database of potential customers and grouping options based on what you’re looking for and what you bring to the table.

Invest in High-Quality Catered Content

Once you have your recipient groups identified, you need to start working on the content, and that’s another major challenge. Consider that taking a standard campaign and multiplying it by the number of groups would lead to an unbearable workload: there’s no way you’ll ever have the time to produce that much content. Instead, you need to smartly redistribute the effort.

Go the Extra Mile with High-Value Targets

I mentioned in the intro that ABM can be about specific accounts in some cases. It’s possible for a huge B2B business to rely on just a handful of clients, for instance, in which case it might have a distinct marketing campaign for up selling each one of them. You’re most likely not in that position, but you probably do have some high-value prospects — so go the extra mile for them.

Focus on Building Relationships

B2B is heavily about establishing long-lasting business relationships. In ideal circumstances, you’ll arrange multi-year deals that provide financial security and operational stability — and you can’t wait until you have clients signed to start trying to form those bonds, because prospects will generally want to feel comfortable with you before they seriously consider dealing with you.


If you really work at it, 2020 can be the year that sees your account-based marketing really kick into high gear. These steps should give you the process you need: carefully identify the right groups, commit to top-notch content, prioritize the high-value targets, and work to lay the groundwork for lasting business relationships.

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