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  • Mike Raab

    Mike Raab

    Writing about entrepreneurship, media, tech, life. Currently associate director @ The Garage, former VC in SF and media strategy in LA. TheRaabitHole.com

  • Douglas Burdett

    Douglas Burdett

    #B2B marketing agency principal. Former artillery officer, Madison Avenue ad man, stand-up comedian. Host of The Marketing Book Podcast.

  • Anne Marsden

    Anne Marsden

    B2B Marketing and Lead Generation Agency. Love bringing big ideas to life. Wine lover, bee keeper, experience collector

  • EricSchwartzman


    Author of Social Marketing to the Business Customer, Earned Media, B2B Lead Generation and RevOps Advisor.

  • Brian Fleming

    Brian Fleming

    Currently looking for an opportunity to show a holistic approach to the CX process . All views my own.



  • Silvano Stoicescu

    Silvano Stoicescu

    Digital Entrepreneur. Founder at Versum Media Group Int. Infinite Learner. I write about AI, VR, UBI, Longevity, Media. Interested in: know you better, pizza.

  • Alexey Balchunas

    Alexey Balchunas

    Co-founder of https://4spaces.company

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