Driving Successful Lead Generation Campaigns for US and Canadian Businesses


What is Lead Generation

Insights from Current Industry Data

  • There is a direct correlation between revenue and number of leads generated. More than 70% of companies that don’t meet their revenue goals generate less than 100 leads per month.
  • Successful companies have a better understanding of their customer landscape. 74% of unsuccessful companies do not know the number of visitors, marketing qualified leads, or high quality leads they generate.

So, How Can You Succeed at Lead Generation?

1. The More Leads the Better. You Need Leads to Generate More Revenue

2. Leverage the Power of Software

3. Create Customized Offers for Leads in Different Stages of the Buying Cycle

4. Be Consistent and Deliver

5. Create a Landing Page for Your Offers

6. Generate Leads on Social Media

  • Find out which social media platforms are most popular with your target group. LinkedIn is the most popular platform for B2B, but does your target consumer prefer LinkedIn, over say YouTube, or twitter?
  • Add links to your social media posts, that direct visitors back to your landing pages.
  • Use analytics to monitor posts that generate the most leads. Improve on those posts and promote them more.
  • Run contests. Giving prizes and free gifts increases engagement and encourages people to sign up.
  • Use lead gen forms. Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn all have lead generation capabilities that you can take advantage of.
  • Use PPC. Pay per click ads display on google and other search engines. As long as your ads feature the right keywords, you can take advantage of the massive user traffic on google, Bing and other SERPs.




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