Demand Generation: How to Generate Leads for SAP ERP Solutions?

Abbey Houston
5 min readJul 22, 2019


Many individuals in the technology sector struggle with maximizing sales and lead generation for enterprise resource planning (ERP) software. If you are one of them, you must be familiar with the challenges involved when it comes to B2B SaaS lead generation, especially finding lead providers for ERP. This mainly occurs due to a lack of awareness among customers, regarding the key benefits of implementing ERP solutions for their own requirements. It is a perfect choice for professionals looking to fast-track and optimize their routine processes without affecting the overall quality of a product or application.

Among SAP ERP buyers, demand generation can be particularly tough. The question that remains in the minds of many is, how to generate ERP leads? An ERP is a big investment and most businesses tend to be cautious before selecting and adopting such an alternative. Even as the market is growing for such products, there are a few points that will come handy for those intent on expanding leads.

Understand the Audience for Your Product

At the end of the day, knowing the right people to talk to, can help you streamline your outreach and drastically save time. It also gives you the opportunity to develop a more targeted approach on branding, positioning and marketing the unique features of SAP ERP solutions. To reach this stage, it’s essential that your company cultivates a distinctive persona for intended buyers in order to tap into how this solution may work for them. Every business is different so you may have multiple responses, e.g. a medical institution might utilize the product features differently, versus an insurance agency. Ultimately, you should make a fair assessment of which industry will be most advantageous for your SAP ERP software, and foray into the same.

Delve Into the Customer Experience

As you reach out to prospective businesses for whom the ERP solution may be relevant, take the time to present how the customer experience will be impacted for the better. With the implementation of an SAP ERP solution, it is more likely that the company will provide balanced pricing for its products, deliver items of consistent quality and fulfill shipments within the agreed upon timelines efficiently. Don’t shy away from giving concrete examples, especially before and after scenarios of relevant organisations that have seen a marked increase in profitability. Eventually, better performance leads to bigger orders from satisfied customers! If the respective business is already using a CRM software application, integrating it with an ERP is an added bonus.

Talk About the Risks, Don’t Just Sell

Successful ERP solutions separate themselves from others in the market by addressing customers in an intelligent and easy-to-understand manner. It is vital that people find out what makes your product such a great fit for their organisation, in as objective a fashion as possible. Sharing the appropriate messaging can elevate the software’s credibility in the eyes of interested buyers, and increase the perception of reliability. Prospective customers in today’s day and age prefer to reach their own conclusions about what works and what doesn’t, without always knowing specific details about a product.

Promote the Transparency Angle

Your target audience may be unaware of the exciting capabilities on offer with ERP implementation at the organisational level. For example, senior staff can now track real-time data for assessing measurable impact among departments or individual teams. If you are selling such a software application, focus on the clear ways in which a superior ERP solution allows for better transparency in a professional environment, where accurate and up to date information is easily accessible by key personnel. Due to this enhanced benefit, communication and updates from staff are also more frequent leading to a culture that encourages improved results and better cooperation.

Make a Strong Case for the Cost Savings

Return on investment may vary depending on the particular ERP solution, but it is usually on the higher end. Irrespective of the industry, a smart way to hold prospective customers’ attention is by highlighting how such the solutions will significantly increase their revenue, while cutting down costs. As staff work more efficiently with the support of this software, there is eventually a noticeable rise in profits, no matter what the scale of the company. Part of your marketing and sales strategy for lead generation should include highlighting how the SAP ERP solution is in essence, an investment that is worth every penny

Share the Process of Implementation

Potential audiences, especially upper-level management can be slightly hesitant about adopting an innovative technology for fear that it will lead to extra hassle, and cause more of a hindrance than solution. It is essential that sales and marketing professionals directly tackle this misconception by explaining the implementation process in detail, and presenting the ease of operations with regard to a particular SAP ERP solution. Once you can convince a prospect that the actual execution is seamless and integrated, they would be happy to take on the additional costs of installation as well as implementation.

Don’t Forget the Supplementary Benefits

Customers are hard-pressed to implement a new software application without data to back its performance. But that does not mean you should not highlight its lesser attributes, for instance, the immediate improvement in productivity and effectiveness of existing employees in the company. Sometimes, it is valuable to pinpoint intangible advantages of using new tech like ERP solutions to accelerate performance goals among staff, and ensure a consistent growth in revenue.

Demand generation for an ERP software requires concerted effort and a well-made plan to interest the right individuals and enhance overall sales. It’s undeniable that experienced professionals do their research when it comes to the customer base they have in mind, and closely assess their specific needs to eventually develop a solid lead generation strategy. The path to effectively marketing SAP ERP solutions isn’t easy but tried-and-tested techniques such as focusing on SEO and diverse advertising campaigns via digital and offline channels.

Another alternative to explore is bringing a lead generation firm on-board to fine tune the processes in place for a well-rounded approach to networking and engagement. With patience and an organised strategy, the numbers are sure to tell a success story. It is up to you to let interested clients know that introducing an ERP is a necessity these days, and is part of a global revolution in the work space to be the best.

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