5 Types of Online Advertising to Increase Your Leads — UnboundB2B



#1. Display Ads

Elements of the Display Ad:

  • One or more visuals
  • Text
  • Engaging elements (audio, video, buttons, CTAs)

What Types of Display Ads are Best for Increasing Leads?

  • An image, a colorful visual or a graphic design that leaves room for the copy text or, tells a story on itself. Also, the visual part of the banner should be in line with the offer and the audience with complementary colors that invite in and do not disturb the audience in any way.
  • A copy text that is able to convince the audience and that is readable in easily visible from any angle and on every ad format and size that is posted online.
  • A CTA. This part contains a button or a link that invites the reader to see more, learn more, make a purchase, subscribe to a newsletter and so on.

#2. Paid Search

#3. Sponsored Posts on Social Media

#4. Social Media Paid Ads

  • Ideas for an attractive visual design or,
  • A great stock/product image (or images — that are relevant to your audience)
  • A great copy text and a convertible CTA
  • Research in order to target the right audience on the right social media channel
  • A professional and convertible landing page

#5. Video Advertising




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