15 Ways That Customer Testimonials Can Help to Grow Your Business


Why are Testimonials Good for Businesses?

1. Improve Business Credibility

  • I don’t want to get ripped off. What if this product doesn’t work as advertised?
  • I will only try this product if others are happy with it. Are there other businesses that recommend this brand?
  • I need to see proof that this will actually solve my problems. I’m I going to get my money’s worth?

2. Connect with Potential Customers at an Emotional Level

3. Use the Power of Storytelling to Grab Attention

4. Build Client Loyalty

5. Customers Practice their Referral “Pitch”

6. Connecting through Natural Language

7. Opportunities to Improve (and Grow)

  • Learn your shortcomings from the feedback and use the information given to improve your product or service
  • Turn it to your advantage. Consider this response to a negative review:

8. Improving Staff Loyalty

  • You appreciate the effort your staff put in
  • You acknowledge that your brand’s success is not only of your own doing, but a result of a concerted effort

9. Shareability

10. Testimonials Surpass Analyst Reports in Importance

11. Influence Purchase Decisions

  • 95% of online shopper read reviews before making a purchase, especially for products of services with a higher price tag. Reviews increase conversion by up to 190% for lower-priced products and 380% for highly priced products. (Spiegel Research Center)
  • 88% of buyers have based their buying decision on an online review (Zendesk).
  • Businesses that have excellent testimonials experience 31% more spending from customers. (Invespcro)

12. Higher Click Through Rates (CTR)

13. Reviews Generate more Leads than Case Studies and most other Vendor Resources

14. Take Advantage of Video Marketing

15. Show Up on Search Rankings

Bottom Line

  • How your product works
  • The benefits to their business



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